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Our Consultancy team provides services as well as applications on behalf of clients, regarding Benefits, Taxes, and Integration in The UK.

Their rates depend on the services provided and require an appointment.

Our Consultancy staff are trained and qualified ____

Dedicated to bring all applications to completion, until a result or decision is finalised.


  • NI Number Applications

  • Enrolment of Children in Schools

  • Registering with a GP

  • Applying for a New Bank Account

  • Housing Benefit Applications

  • Accommodation Applications

  • CV Writing and Proofreading

  • Applying for UTR

  • Opening a Limited Company

Here are some examples of the Consultancy Services we provide.


  • Simple electronic passport​

  • Passport with domicile abroad​

  • Travel Title​

  • Identity Card (passport)​

  • Birth and Marriage Certificates​

  • Proxies and Authentications

  • And Many More


  • Universal Credit​

  • Maternity Allowance​

  • State Child Benefit​

  • Child maintenance allowance ​

  • Personal Independent Payment (PIP)​

  • Employment Support Allowance (ESA)​

  • + Other benefits


  • UTR opening​

  • Annual tax return (UTR taxes)​

  • Fiscal Account access​

  • NINo (Insurance Number) application​

  • Tax recovery (P60)

  • ​Opening Limited Company​

  • + Other accounting documents

Online Applications

  • Driving license / car insurance

  • Applications for jobs / jobs

  • Creating social media profiles

  • Creating the email account

  • Writing CVs

  • Life insurance, medical

  • Booking travel tickets

  • Emails sent on behalf of the client

+ Other online services

Telephone Services
  • Job Center - benefits (Universal Credit)

  • HMRC - tax, revenue and duty

  • Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

  • Council and Local Government Offices

  • Medical service (hospital/doctor - GP)

  • Employment agencies

  • Nurseries, schools, high schools, colleges, universities

  • Insurance agents, rental houses

  • +Other telephone services

Establishment in the UK

Enrollment of children in school​

Recognition of qualifications from other countries​

Other documents for settling in the UK​

Translations of forms or applications​

(UK residence / British citizenship)​

Registration with a family doctor (GP)​

Opening a bank account​

Guidelines - situations of risk or exclusion

+ Other related to establishment

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