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LINK Community Centre (former Link Luton) is a registered Community Interest Company formed in 2017 by a few like-minded volunteers who had already offered support to East-Europeans Migrants and their families upon their arrival into the region. Whilst originally set up to safeguard the needs of the East-Europeans in Luton, Link Luton is now a truly representative Community Organisation, which offered a wide range of services at Link Centre in Luton.

Being one of the main gates for migrants, Luton and Bedfordshire have a large number of migrants (over 20.000 Romanians) attracted by hope that they can integrate here and can work towards personal and local development. These people, once arrived in the UK face a different reality than what they have experienced in their countries and have problems to integrate themselves locally. Due the lack of access to information concerning immediate needs, inclusive none or bad English language knowledge, these persons need somebody to help and guide them through integration process with all aspects involved: social, educational, legal, economical, health and wellbeing etc.

This is the reason of some great hearted persons who agreed to co-joint their efforts and knowledge to open a Community Interest Company, to help the EEU migrants who need help during settling process, thus preventing them to become serious social cases.

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