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Long-term benefits of clean energy sources

Kim Jennings

Mar 20, 2020

Wind turbines and solar panels are an increasingly common sight. But why? What are the benefits of renewable energies—and how do they improve our health, environment, and economy?

The 3 biggest benefits of renewable energy
1. Alternative energy will never run out
The first and most important benefit of using renewable energy is in its name – it is renewable. It means that it will not run out. Ever.

While fossil fuels will run out in 40-60 years, the sun will always shine, the wind will always blow, and the Earth will always have geothermal energy. If not, we will have bigger problems than running out of energy.

And talking about our planet, we should also mention the second advantage: the environmental benefits of renewable energy.

2. Benefits of clean energy: it protects the environment
Why is renewable energy important? Because we only have one planet where we can live, so we need to protect it as much as possible.

Fossil fuels create greenhouse gases and pollutants. Using more fossil fuels means more harmful gases, which means more respiratory and cardiac health issues… and global warming.

Going green is good for us, and good for the planet – so the health and environmental benefits of renewable energy is undeniable.

3. Saving money
Yes, renewable energy is not only good for the environment, but also for our purses.

Firstly, renewable energy plants need less maintenance. Secondly, because they are using sun, wind, steam, biomasses – they don't need to refuel. Thirdly, we do not have to rely on foreign energy sources. If we use renewable energy sources, we will be independent.

Sounds great. But we should not be blind to the disadvantages of renewable energy resources. As an honest, objective article on renewable resources – we must also show what the problems with renewable energy are.

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