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Visitor Safety

The staff at Maplewood manor are keen to ensure that everyone stays safe during their visit. We have a complete health and safety risk assessment that includes risks from COVID-19, and this is shared with all staff and guests.

What we provide


Maplewood manor provides an adequate supply of fresh air to enclosed spaces such as natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation.


Maplewood manor provides frequent cleaning to reduce the risk and to ensure the safety of all staff and guests. This includes cleaning all surfaces such as: bathrooms/toilets, floors, doors, tables and chairs.

Hand washing

It is advised that you wash your hands frequently to reduce the risk of others becoming infected. Hand sanitiser can be used if soap and water is not available.

Face coverings

There is no longer a legal requirement to wear a face covering, however it is suggested to continue to wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces where they may encounter other people they do not normally meet.

Social distancing

Social distancing rules no longer apply in law; however, it is suggested to consider the social distancing rules when in public places, crowded areas or any visible signs from others who might be showing symptoms.


Self-isolating is no longer a legal requirement, however If you are tested positive for COVID-19 it is advised to stay at home and to avoid contact with other people, furthermore they should not attend work or any other related events.

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