Support Services 


SOCIAL CASES (for reasons of data protection we kept only the initials of the people helped by our volunteers)


AP – Help offered translating and interpreting for any appointments at GP or at the Hospital and supported with different applications such as Housing Benefit, transport to the Hospital.


DAV – Supported to apply for a passport at the Romanian Embassy.


DI – translating and interpreting at most of Hospital and GP’s appointments due to several medical problems.


EMM – referral sent to Adult Social Services regarding an adult with disabilities


EN - referral sent to Children and family Social Services regarding safeguarding the children who might have been in a suspicious circle of people


EP – help offered with translation and interpretation to apply for the Settlement Status


FM - translating and interpreting for phone calls or face to face appointments booked


FM – helped with Housing Benefit application and support needed because of the language barrier, interpreted at the Hospital’s and Gp’s appointments, as well transport offered


IG – support with Housing Benefit application.


LN – translating and interpreting at GP, support offered with application for NI number to be able to start a job and get on the feet.  


MG – Helped with different  appointments for different medical institutions, translating and interpreting. Support offered with Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction applications.


MMF – needed help to apply for benefits, helped claiming Universal Credit and Child Benefit


MV – came to the organisation for help applying for a Romanian passport at the Romanian Embassy and when the passport was ready, support was provided translating for a Settlement Status application.


PM – translating and interpreting for different types of institutions. We helped with PIP form by translating questions and answers. Help offered several times with Universal Credit Journal and Tasks.


PD – translating and interpreting at the Hospital or GP, due to several mental problems of a member of the family. Support with Universal Credit Journal and Tasks.


SMC – helped with a Universal Credit claim and translated and interpreted at the appointments at the Job centre


Many other cases with little intervention from our side had better results in everyday life or at work, at school or in the family.

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